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Almeria trekking Sierra de Gador. Almería - Enix


Sierra de Gador. Almería - Enix . (4 h. aprox.)

We take the "road" Almería-Enix. which can be found in most of the maps, cannot be nowadays defined as such, but beacuse of that constitutes an excellent place for a walking tour.

First we shall leave Almería along the Fuenterrica quarter. Then we shall walk upwards to a place from where there is a surprising view of Almería.

The trekking route along the Sierra de Gador provides a landscape full of contrasts: the mountains, the town, the Almerian beaches, the open valleys, the abandoned soils, very near the Mediterranean sea.

At the highest point in our trekking route there is an asphalted track which, running on among the woods, lead us to Enix.


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