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The economy of this province is based fundamentally on agriculture and in cattle raising, and the industrial productions from them derived, being some of these goods of enormous commercial importance for the area: wines, oils, cheeses, sausages, meat, etc.

The Guadiana River is the most important of the rivers which cross the province from east to west, forming this in some western lands the natural frontier with the region of the Portuguese Alentejo. Along its course, there are plenty of reservoirs and dams, which has made this province be an authentic agricultural orchard, and one of the Spanish provinces with more kilometers of sweet water coast. These places are also taken advantage of for the practice of sport and recreational activities: sailing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, etc.

Its position in the Iberian Peninsula has turned it into a place of rest and a crossing point for all the important cultures that have been in Spain through history, from prehistoric times until today. This is the reason why so many works of art can be contemplated in its towns and inside its important museums, monuments, churches, exhibitions rooms, etc.

Its gastronomy is really appreciated by all the visitors for how natural and varied its products are. The cooks of restaurants and taverns in Badajoz use products from hunting, hams, cured loin of pork and other cold meats, lamb meats, river fish, vegetables, wines, oils, etc., without lacking good homemade candies and excellent liquors in their specialised establishments.

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