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Sant Daniel

The valley of Sant Daniel which is reached by the street of the same name, is a great natural reserve that has been praised by poets and painted by artists. Specially relevant are its shady spots and its fountains. Also in the valley is the Monastery of Sant Daniel with its 11-12th century church and its 13th century cloister.

Convent of Sant Domènec

It was constructed during the 13th-17th centuries. Founded in the 13th century, this single-nave churchwas one of the first Gothic buildings constructed in Catalunya. The proto-Gothic cloister features blind arches and chaptrels decorated with stylised vegetable motifs. As well as the room containing the chapter house, the refectory and the dormitory which have all been greately reformed throughout various different periods, the addition of baroque chapels are worth notice (17th century).

The Palace of the Agullana Family

This Palace dates from the 14-17th centuries. This residence of a noble family together with the stairs and facade of Sant Martí Sacosta constitute one of the most relevant baroque areas of the ancient quarter. The covered skew arch is one of the foremost features of the city often depicted in paintings, iconographs and photographs.

Rambla de la Llibertat

This is one of the livliest and busiest spots in Girona, due to its central position in the town and its numerous shops. Even in medieval times this area of the town was already being used as a market. Apart from its characteristic porches, various items of architectural interest in the interior of shops and business premises are testimony of continuous use of this area throughout the ages.

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