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Huesca is situated in the county of La Hoya, which its history is more than 2000 years old.El Coso on the line of the medieval walls , points out a courious and interesting network of streets being the main point presided over by the Cathedral.
El Coso, Joaquín Costa and the Ronda de Montearagón now form the ring-road surrounding the historic centre of Osca, with the Cathedral at the summit.

The constructuion of this Gothic church was ordered by King Jaime I at the end of the XII c. on the site where it is believed the forum of the old Roman city stood. In the Plaza de la Catedral, presided over by the figure of "La Moreneta”, stands the City Hall (XVI), a strong Aragonese building with towers on either side.

In the nearby Plaza del Seminario is another monument not to be missed: the old palaces of the kings of Aragon (XII) Inside, according to tradition, happened the so-called Bell of Huesca, which involved the decapitation of 12 nobles by order of Ramiro II "el Monje" (the Monk). Nowadays, the site is occupied by the Provincial Museum, where there is an important collection of archaeological pieces and pictures.

Close to the Plaza del Mercado is San Pedro el Viejo (XII), an early Romanesque monastery which is very interesting to visit because it is one of the oldest churches in the province. Behind its façade it hides a lovely cloister preserved in its early form and the pantheon of the Aragonese monarchs Alfonso I "el Batallador" (the Warrior) and Ramiro II "el Monje" (the Monk).

The Huesca Romanesque style has three important reference points in the shape of the church of Las Miguelas, which began as a hospital at the beginning of the XIIC; the basilica of San Lorenzo, also in Romanesque style and with an inverted grid plan; and the hermitage of Salas, constructed in the 12th century.

In El Coso, you can find the Miguel Servet municipal park, a green area of the provincial capital. And you will find the most popular atmosphere in Cuatro Esquinas, in the Porches de Galicia.

Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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