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Formentera Gastronomy

Formentera shares with Ibiza its traditional cuisine, an inventive culinary approach that faced the scarcity of produce for centuries and learned how to take advantage of the quality of ingredients such as fish. In Formentera the fish is excellent and features in many island recipes, such as guisat (a stew with potatoes), as the main ingredient in any of the ways of cooking rice dishes, not to mention the delights of fish simply grilled.

Fish, as it can be eaten fresh from the sea, has become a speciality in good restaurants throughout the Island. It is because the fish is so excellent in Formentera that it appears in many Island recipes either in guisat (in broth with potatoes) or as the star ingredient in one of the many rice dishes, without disdaining the simplest of cooking methods. Grilled, baked in the oven, poached, fried or served in any other way, the fish here has a special flavour.

The cheese produced in Formentera is of high quality. It is delicious eaten with bread made in the traditional way, and still baked in many homes on the Island, and accompanied by grapes or honey or, when very fresh, by walnuts.

And we cannot fail to mention the Formentera wine, made at home following the old ways. After the must ferments, it is poured into barrels and stored in the bodega or cellar under each house. A robust straightforward wine, like the earth that nourished it, not for delicate palates only for those in the know.

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